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Norton Atlas revealed with two new models,  the most important bike in the firm’s modern history, and the first mass-market affordable Norton for generations

“I think we’ll sell slightly more of the Ranger version, despite it being more expensive, just because it really does offer genuine off-road ability, as well as being a great everyday road bike,” says Garner.
“The Atlas is designed to be completely fit for purpose,” adds head of design, Simon Skinner. “You really can take both versions down some greenlanes and get them messy, and it’s designed to be robust enough to keep going if you fall off. You can get to all the fuses and relays easily, and if you bend the subframe, you can take it off and get it straightened it because its steel, not aluminium.”
“While the engine is effectively half a V4, we have actually only retained the cylinder head,” says Skinner. “That’s where all the really hard work was for the V4, and the processes and technology that we put in place for that bike all transfers across to the Atlas. It’s a really solid, robust engine.  That means it feels simple to build by comparison, and the engine is making excellent power straight out of the box. We’ve gone for rideability, torque and creamy drive, and 84bhp is plenty for this sort of bike. The power to weight ratio is really good, and it will have switchable ABS – as you need it for this kind of bike – and traction control with two modes: on-road, off-road, and you’ll be able to switch it off, too.”
Engine type: Norton Designed 650cc parallel twin. 270 degree firing order. Chain driven double overhead cams with idler gear.
Bore & stroke: 82mm x 61.5mm Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Fuel injection: Electronic fuel injection system. 4 fuel injectors. Full drive-by-wire system.
Euro 4: Full compliance including secondary air injection and EVAP.
Power: 84bhp @ 11,000rpm Torque: 64Nm
Lighting: Full LED lighting system including super bright high and low beam, daytime running lights, rear lamp and indicators.
Chassis type: Twin tube seamless steel perimeter chassis with aluminium swingarm mount.
Swingarm: Braced twin spar cast aluminium.
Wheelbase: 1470mm
Dry weight: 178kg
Headstock angle: 24.2 degrees
Fuel tank: Composite fuel tank with 15L capacity.
Yokes: Forged top and bottom. Front wheel: 19 inch spoke wheel with Titanium coloured aluminium rim and 120/70 R19 Avon Trekrider tyre.
Rear wheel: 17 inch spoke wheel with Titanium coloured aluminium rim and 170/60 R17 Avon Trekrider tyre.
Bodywork: High mudguard, brushed aluminium rear panels.
Others: Factory fit sump guard, screen kit, headlamp guard. Braced handle bars.
Seat height: 867mm
Front brakes: 2 x 320mm full floating Brembo discs. Radially mounted twin Brembo monoblock callipers with ABS. Brembo master cylinder.
Rear brakes: Single 245mm Brembo disc. Brembo twin piston rear calliper with ABS. Brembo master cylinder.
Front suspension: 50mm diameter Roadholder USD forks. Preload, compression and rebound adjustable. 200mm wheel travel.
Rear suspension: Roadholder monoshock with rising rate linkage and piggyback reservoir. Adjustable preload. 200mm wheel travel.